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Grace Episcopal Church

Nestled in the heart of the Brandywine Valley, Grace Episcopal Church retains much of the charm of the farm community from which it sprang. As the oldest Episcopal Church in the Brandywine Hundred, the congregation was first housed in an early stone school-house purchased and refitted for church services in December, 1835. 

Our current home dates back to 1872, when 10 acres were purchased to build a church and cemetary. The original stone chapel was completed and the first worship service and dedication took place on July 4, 1875. 

That legacy of tradition offers both opportunities and challenges as we embrace the increasing pace of life in the twenty-first century. Like our earliest forebearers, we don't all agree how best to meet these challenges, but we agree that through nurturing faith, and church family, and instilling a deep knowledge of our Lord, Jesus Christ, we can journey forward as the Lord calls us.


Garce History 1.jpg

Picture of "Old Grace Church" on Naaman's Road one-half mile east of Perry's Tavern.  This structure is no longer standing!


The Rev. Kim Capwell  - Interim Rector

The Rev. Chris Moore - Assistant to the Rector


  • Mark Foulsham - Organist and Choirmaster
  • Joanne Records - Administrative Assistant
  • Christine Trageser - Clerk of the Vestry
  • Sandy Tonjes - Treasurer
  • Arlene Nikaido-Lung - Treasurer

BCM Council Representatives

  • Brenda Tragesser (Senior Warden)
  • Mary Ann Marshall (Junior Warden)
  • Diane Wegner
  • Linda Helie


Grace Church modern times.jpg

Grace Episcopal Church built on Concord Pike in Wilmington Delaware, added on to Grace Chapel

Panorama picture of Grace congregants .jpg


Vestry meets every 3rd Thursday of each month

  • Brenda Trageser - Senior Warden
  • Mary Ann Marsha - Junior Warden
  • Noelle Donahoe
  • Linda Adamsl 
  • Michae
  • Tom Marshall
  • Matthew Bailey
  • Michael Porro
  • Amy Diamond
  • Paula Hartzell

BCM Representatives at Annual Convention


  • Diane Wegner - Delegate


  • Sandy Tonjes - Alternate Delegate
  • Mary Ann Marshall - Alternate Delegate

Young Adult Delegate

  • Carla Wegner - Young Adult Delegate

Grace Episcopal Church

Episcopal Church of the Ascension

Calvary Hillcrest Episcopal Church

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