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BCM Events  provides a combined view of the many activities taking place at Church of the Ascension, Calvary and Grace churches, where all are invited to participate.

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Weekend Publications from BCM Parishes

Church of the Ascension       Ascension Weekly Update

Calvary Episcopal Church     Calvary Announcements

Grace Episcopal Church        This Weekend at Grace

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Sunday Morning Worship Services

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Sunday Morning Christian Education

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Pax Latina 

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Morning Prayer 

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Pastoral Care 

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Sunday Volunteer Opportunities

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Food Pantry Collection

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Ascension Grocery Cards

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One Block at a Time

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Altar Flower Requests

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Coffee Hour Hosts

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Paula Hartzell Paintings

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Vanco Services provides an alternative way to give online to BCM, and Ascension, Calvary, and Grace churches. Click Tool button and select your gift recipient from the BCM member churches: Church of the Ascension, Calvary Church or Grace Church.