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BCM History

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Brandywine Collaborative Ministries (BCM) is a partnership of two congregations in Delaware: Calvary Episcopal Church and The Church of the Ascension. As partners with God and each other in mission to God’s world, we faithfully strive to:

  • Live into and spread the Good News of God in Christ.
  • Develop together relevant and vital ministries to reach Brandywine Hundred and beyond.
  • Strengthen the mission and ministry of our three congregations.

BCM Clergy


Rev. Dr. Ketlen A. Solak – 1st Rector of the BCM

Brandywine Collaborative Ministries , Wilmington, DE 

          Covenant Rector, 2014 - 2018

          Rector, 2019 - 2021     

Formation of BCM

Rev. Dr,Ketlen Solak served as lead pastor and administrator of three Episcopal congregations engaged in covenant-based ministry,  She joined the Diocese of Delaware charged with leading three Delaware congregations into becoming a cohesive community for effective, joint ministry.  Ketlen, working with representatives from all 3 congregations (Episcopal Church of the Ascension, Calvary Episcopal Church and Grace Episcpal Church) casted a vision for developing and planning new worship services and educational programs, as well as for deepening engagement in pastoral care, fellowship and outreach initiatives.

Working with the Bradywine Collaborative Ministries (BCM) Council, 3 parish Vestries, parish staff and several ad hoc committees, Ketlen imagined, organized  and developed an efficient administrativ structure and new ministry programs for BCM 

Accomplishments at BCM

Ketlen led BCM to envision, create, and select platforms and processes to improve communication, including a new BCM logo and slogan  (Serving Christ in Community), a new Website showcasing BCM as well as the individual parish Websites, a presence in social media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram), electronic news distribution, live online broadcast of worship services, and various online meetings. Ketlen recruited volunteer and paid personnel to maintain/update Website, social media pages, and facilitate the sharing of electronic communications

Despite the huge changes needed to protect one another from the global COVID-19 pandemic,  under Ketlen's leadership, relationships with outreach partners and new ways of working together were planned, developed and implemented. 

BCM continued to nurture an ethos of year-around stewardship, leading the parishes to pull their resources to engage in joint annual giving Campaigns, started a planned giving program, adopted electronic giving, and organized programs centered on care for the environment. A highlight of Ketlen's tenure at BCM was to promote annual field trips to inspiring venues to nurture spirituality, deepen bond of fellowship, and increase social justice awareness amongst BCM member

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The Rev. Kim Capwell - Interim Rector

The Rev Kim Capwell served as Interim Rector of the BCM November 2021 - May 2023.

Prior to serving at the BCM, Fr Kim served as clergy in Delaware and New Jersey.



The Rev. Dr. Ed Pease –  Assistant to the BCM Rector   

After serving churches in Massachusetts and Connecticut, the Rev. Edwin Pease joined the clergy staff of the Brandywine Collaborative Ministries in 2015 as semi-pemanent Supply Clergy.

In 2016 Father Ed took on more responsibilities as Assistant to the Rector.  Along with the BCM Rector: the Rev.Ketlen Solak, Priest Associate the Rev. Christopher Moore, and Deacon and later Priest Associate the Rev. Marta Illuecca, he helped guide the Brandywine Collaborative Ministries in its early years.

Father Ed brought skills in liturgy and children’s ministry and helped redesign the liturgy of the three churches. He retired from the BCM in December 2018. 

Assistant to the Rector of the BCM 2015 - 2018

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Rev. Dr. Marta Illueca – Assistant to the Rector

The Rev. Marta Illueca was born in New York City and grew up in Panamá, Central America.  She moved to the U.S. in the mid 80’s after graduating with a medical doctorate from the University of Panamá’s School of Medicine. She pursued her medical specialty in Pediatric Gastroenterology at Cornell University Medical Center in New York, where she joined the Medical College faculty until 2003. She continued her career with additional work on pharmaceutical research in Delaware until 2014 when she took early retirement to pursue her lifelong vocational calling to ministry.  In May 2018 Marta graduated from Berkeley Divinity School, the Episcopal Seminary at Yale University. Marta’s unique vocation of expanding the role of sacramental practices in healthcare is at the center of her ministry goals which expand to various dimensions. She was ordained to the priesthood in May 2019.

Marta describes a three prong approach to her calling:  to heal, to teach, to reconcile with God. Thus, she envisions a bi-vocational model of ordained ministry within the Episcopal Church. By supplementing her theological training with a degree in Pain Medicine Research, Education and Policy from Tufts Medical School, she will be positioned to develop programs for physicians and/or clergy about the interplay of the physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions of healing. And through implementation of this ‘spiritually inclusive medical model,’ the world of chronic suffering may be offered formal sacramental healing interventions that may nurture stronger spirits and help to develop a new generation of healers.

In June of 2020, Rev. Marta recived a UTO (United Thank Offering) grant to develop and validate a "Pain and Prayer Scale" as a bedside prayer tool. This will connect church and academia and offer a drug free alternative to pain management. 

Episcopal Church of the Ascension

Calvary Hillcrest Episcopal Church

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